Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Masquerade

"The Masquerade"

Lack of commitment is really a disguise,
a self created bandage to cover the pain.
A disguise that has been perfected over time because,
there has been no healing for emotional exposure
for in love it always seems to end up the same.
Everyone is searching for the place
wherein needs can rightfully belong
but to keep the past from returning you intentionally
at the door of closeness transform every right
into a learned behavior of wrong.
Therefore, you have given life to an invisible persona
Wherein your hurt has allowed him to seem alive
The emotional gypsy who lacks commitment
visiting hearts where he has no desire to ever reside.
Roaming from one relationship to another,
carrying meaningless emotions
What is meant to be shared losses purpose
existing in the heart of one.
Like a man without a country, you've become like a gypsy
feeling no alliance to anyone.
A casual acquaintance of happiness but
a frequent layover in let-down-town.
The masquerade has kept you moving to avoid
what has gone from ever coming back around.
Always traveling puzzle-like roads having no destination
For in your heart love is a missing piece.
Forever picking up the moments belonging to brokenness
The masquerade of the emotional gypsy is
a life lived half and incomplete.

@ copyright 09032007328ISDN GildaMcPerry

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