Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Afro American Entreprenaurs

Ambiance Publishing Company releases The Vance Legacy, the novel by F. Haywood Glenn

This work of historical fiction is the debut novel of this author, who is a freelance writer from Philadelphia.

http://www.myspace.com/emani_1230 F. Haywood Glenn- Author & Publisher

http://www.thequeenpaints.com/ La Reine Nixon is a lifetime resident of Philadelphia, PA. She has owned and operated a full service Art Gallery and Custom Framing business for 15 years The 49TH Street Art Gallery.She is single and has a beautiful daughter Alicia. After collecting and selling Fine Art for many years she uncovered her own ability to paint. Her name "La Reine" means The Queen in French hence, The Queen Paints.She has produced hundreds of original paintings and prints and has done 10 book covers including The Vance Legacy by F. Haywood Glenn.(Available at Amazon.com)

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The Masquerade

"The Masquerade"

Lack of commitment is really a disguise,
a self created bandage to cover the pain.
A disguise that has been perfected over time because,
there has been no healing for emotional exposure
for in love it always seems to end up the same.
Everyone is searching for the place
wherein needs can rightfully belong
but to keep the past from returning you intentionally
at the door of closeness transform every right
into a learned behavior of wrong.
Therefore, you have given life to an invisible persona
Wherein your hurt has allowed him to seem alive
The emotional gypsy who lacks commitment
visiting hearts where he has no desire to ever reside.
Roaming from one relationship to another,
carrying meaningless emotions
What is meant to be shared losses purpose
existing in the heart of one.
Like a man without a country, you've become like a gypsy
feeling no alliance to anyone.
A casual acquaintance of happiness but
a frequent layover in let-down-town.
The masquerade has kept you moving to avoid
what has gone from ever coming back around.
Always traveling puzzle-like roads having no destination
For in your heart love is a missing piece.
Forever picking up the moments belonging to brokenness
The masquerade of the emotional gypsy is
a life lived half and incomplete.

@ copyright 09032007328ISDN GildaMcPerry



Dysfunction is like food eaten however undigested

Stays within us and produces pain

Words misconstrued causes emotions to stress

And heart to strain

Attempting to comprehend the meaning

Of thoughts tossed about

Without a highway of communications

Conversation is mono, one alone cannot figure out

Unable to bring back into existence

The misunderstanding of yesterday

Dysfunction causes one to re-create truth

However told their way

Healthy thoughts transformed by dysfunction of self

Now hurts

Undigested the pain won’t go away

Misunderstood becomes a grudge of emotions

A roadblock standing within a Blessing’s way

Loved ones unspoken to

Within the circle of acquaintances roams many regrets

Yesterday's moments live within the present

Time we cannot forget

Friends now foe without reasons

Lovers now strangers again

Dysfunction breeds like a cancer wherein

Healthy relationships can never mend.

@ copyright 112920011040ISDN GildaMcPerry

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Will I Ever Be Free

Years have come and gone, over many days of happiness
pain seems to stretch
What is is, you, that I can not forget.
Reminencing time reality has never allowed to last
In a dream I travel back into an hour
A lifetime that has passed.
There have been many in my life, my heart given to just a few.
In the midst of new company, I find myself searching time for you.
I think of you, though a lifetime has gone by
Why is it you to reveal hidden thoughts I've tried to set aside.
It's your love I see in the hearts of many lovers
From your haunting memory
Will I ever be free.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"On The Outside Looking In ''

On the outside I am just a want you never saw as need.
Looking in on a memory once part of a timeless dream.
Looking into my thoughts once a part of you.
On the outside there are visions eyes shall never view.
On the outside it is so lonely looking in on a world not yet mine to own.
To your heart I am a stranger
searching for a place for needs to belong.
Sometimes I feel like a stranger
on the outside looking in
To the door of your heart I am knocking
Won't you please let me in.
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Sometimes as we feel hurt
our hearts seem to explode
can not carry the burden
sometimes pain is a heavy load
Sometimes eyes become a dam
over filling from the rain
Sometimes we must cry out
find strength to out live shame
Happiness we try to keep up
in fear we may fall earth bound
Sometimes in masquerade
smiles will hide a frown
Given time wounds shall heal
as we find another
and the need again to belong
Though stricken with grief
Sometimes we must forget
for life does go on.
@ copyright 06201979ISDN GildaMcPerry

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When you don't belong to anyone but yourself
Life can seem so cold without a tenderness
You choose not the fate of loneliness
yet you find yourself alone
With a dream and the need to belong
Time fills it's hours with such emptiness
Your face wears a frown but, there is a place for happiness
With hope of tomorrow strength is gained to survive today
Though with every minute that passes in your eyes are tears
you can not wipe away
When friends come to visit you pretend with a smile
Laughing and you joke but you still feel alone
even in the crowd
Not belonging to anyone but yourself
Life can feel so cold without a tenderness
You choose not the fate of loneliness
yet you find yourself alone
With a dream and
"The Need To Belong
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