Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Dysfunction is like food eaten however undigested

Stays within us and produces pain

Words misconstrued causes emotions to stress

And heart to strain

Attempting to comprehend the meaning

Of thoughts tossed about

Without a highway of communications

Conversation is mono, one alone cannot figure out

Unable to bring back into existence

The misunderstanding of yesterday

Dysfunction causes one to re-create truth

However told their way

Healthy thoughts transformed by dysfunction of self

Now hurts

Undigested the pain won’t go away

Misunderstood becomes a grudge of emotions

A roadblock standing within a Blessing’s way

Loved ones unspoken to

Within the circle of acquaintances roams many regrets

Yesterday's moments live within the present

Time we cannot forget

Friends now foe without reasons

Lovers now strangers again

Dysfunction breeds like a cancer wherein

Healthy relationships can never mend.

@ copyright 112920011040ISDN GildaMcPerry

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