Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Lonely Soldier are you aware of the journey

as you travel to that strange land..
Are you now afraid to claim life's title which labels you a man..
Are you lost within your thoughts as the time slowly grows on by
or are you afraid of the minute that may come when you may choose to die.
Lonely Soldier life has sent you off to a far land
and within the last hour you count the minutes
that remain for you to be a man.
A man that must hold the misery of life faithfully within his hands..
born to fight an unknown cause away off in a forgotten land.
On your own you must struggle with life's reasons and cause..
you are chained down by so many human laws.
The blood you shed are your tears.. Tears of a living war.
blood stained dreams now destroy your hope filled dreams.
Never knowing who may die.
you or will it be him.
Many nights you must watch below for your enemy.
Somehow Lonely Soldier others feel your hurt..
having no one to turn to. just a gun to see you through.
As you unwillingly gaze beyond
witnessing so many dying souls..
Are you in fear that this may be for you.. the end of the world...
Lonely Soldier not knowing what is in store.
alone you struggle in a forgotten land to fight
a never ending war.

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